Nowaday we are selling the following products:


Low density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Medium density Polyethylene (MDPE)

EVA Copolymer



Label films

Pressure sensitive labels

Wrap Around

IML (In Mold Label)

Cut & Stack

Transparent or solid-white heat sealable co-extruded films

Wide sealing range with starting sealing temp. of 75 ºC, 95 ºC and 115 ºC

Low COF for high speed packaging machines

Low haze and high clarity

Antifog and antibacterial for fresh vegetable packaging.

Wide range of Biodegradable materials



Transparent or solid white, non-heat sealable films.

For paper, film or cardboard lamination

One or two sides treated

Low COF and antistatic versions

Matt, with one or both sides treated


Pearlized films

Heatsealable or for cold seal applications

High yield

Wide heatseal range for high speed packaging machines

For Ice cream packaging

Metallizable films

CPP and MOPP films



Solid white

CPP Twist for candy wrapping


Paperlike films

White and clear pealable for PS, PP, PVC and PET containers

Retort / sterilization applications

Metallized films

Heat sealable or non-heat sealable

Pearlized metallized

Special metallized film for margarine packaging

Metallized CPP

High barrier metallization

PVdC and acrylic coated films

PVdC coating for high oxygen and water vapor barrier

One or both sides acrylic coating for pressure sensitive labels (top coating)

Acrylic and PVdC coating combinations for aroma and oxygen barriers.

Acrylic coating for overwrapping

PA and EVOH based high barrier films

PA based barrier film for vacuum bags

PA based barrier film for thermoforming

EVOH based high barrier film

EVOH based high barrier film for pasteurization

Holographic films

BOPP, PET or PVC based

Many standard designs

Custom-made designs

Wide range of base films

Non-lacquered or overlacquered

MOPP Base self adhesive tear tapes

Several standard colors and designs

Custom designs

Wide range of formats

PET films / polyester films BOPET / Polyester films

Packaging PET films

Thickness: 10, 12 y 23 microns

Clear with chemical or corona treatment

Acrylic coating to improve ink and adhesives anchorage

Copolyester coating for metallization

Metallized with chemical or corona treatments


Industrial PET Films

From 12 to 350 microns

Ultrat high clarity coextruded film for graphic applications

Hazy for cables

Milky white for motor insulation

Base film for release liner applications (30, 36 y 50 microns)

Hot stamping base film

Coated and uncoated solid white


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